Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Hello my lovely sister and cousin.  It seems that it is my turn to issue a challenge.  For those of you not aware, my sister Rebecca of Sydney's Sentiments and my cousin Candy of Candy Scraps and I have been challenging each other to use new items or do things outside our comfort zones.  Both Rebecca and Candy have been crafting much longer than I have and have used many more items than I have.  Going outside my comfort zone probably won't be so uncomfortable for them.  
 In that spirit I would like to use things that Rebecca is just now teaching me to do.  The challenge I wish to issue is to make a card using a background that you created by using a stencil.  This is difficult for me so I am giving you three weeks to make this card.

If you so choose to accept please let me know.

Lots o' hugs!


brenda said...

Its always good to step outside ones comfort zone now and then, for me its colouring whereas stenciled backgrounds are right up my street.

B x

Candy Spiegel said...

I'm in ... I still owe you both a card from last time!!

Rebecca/Sydney's Sentiments said...

Challenge accepted. Woo hoo!!! I like this one!